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Headache, the painting

“Headache” was the absolute pain of a painting as I really had a headche while painting it. In my eyes, this painting has to be the most abstract of my recent work of art in a while. Keep in mind that my art style has changed and progress from the first time that I started painting. Before painting this painting, I placed the 16×20 blank Cotton Duck stretched canvas to my head and felt like crying because art has been a blessing for my entertainment as a kid rather than a spectacle for people to pine over with their eyes in a positive or negative way. My artwork is just pieces of how I feel as well as my word expressions put into paint form.

Last night was a follow-up to a painting that was in my head for a while about war in general. I never liked anything to do with war seeing that I am actually called the “antidrug, one love hippie” as I am pretty much cursed with monogamy. That is another story altogether. My paintings have peace and this was suppose to be about war and my thoughts about it. I painted the canvas gray in a doubling form to pop out any other color placed on it. I painted a bloodied man and crow upon him in abstract but transparent form. Bare in mind that my headache was occuring while doing so. This headache came full circle when I realize that this painting did not have my full expression of what I can do. I preceeded to make a streak of red and then one of white and blended the colors despite making the picture of my painting seem all but gone.

My mind is a roller coaster besides having a headache so this painting began to pain me. I have always been able to adapt to any situation brought upon me so I started to blend colors in this direction and that direction to the point that my painting was a sea of colors in an form of a rainbow effect. I saw a had and a face so I connected the two. My headache was telling my body “help me” so I incorprated those words into the words that the person was saying in the painting. After allof this painting, I said that I had no choice but to call this painting “Headache.” This painting is a mere case of me fighting througha headache and producing quite a momento of some of my earlier artwork. Enjoy the painting even though it pained me.


2 responses

  1. Omg this is incredible, it so expresses a headache perfectly! Amazing! Wow!

    May 31, 2015 at 12:22 pm

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