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The Wilderness Part Two (painting process)

This painting was a process as it took longer than I have taken on most of my paintings. In my
own head, this painting was to be done sometime next year but those plans changed when I was
looking through my paintings and saw a painting that I never really liked that I did. In the past, I
have painted over a couple of paintings with success but the skills that I have taught myself
through such a process has made me approach the re-painting or paint over process a bit

The painting that I painted was pretty much an abstract abstract. Thank God that is not a double
negative but in my eyes; it was a double negative. It was plain to see on my painting called “Birds
Unite” that it was spirits of birds uniting and that was not really anything I planned to do. It was a
time when I was painting at least 3 paintings a week and just did the painting without planning
anything out.

(Birds Unite, 2010, 16×20 Acrylic Paint on Canvas)

This painting is the companion piece for “The Wilderness Part One.” Art is done and it comes
from the heart. “The Wilderness Part One” was the first painting that I planned out on how I
would paint certain paintings. I was unsure that it would work as I paint at the drop of a dime at
times. The details of the painting took time to do as I mostly use the color black do do that
effect on my past paintings. I have reached responses about this painting many times and it
has been one of my most cherished paintings.

(The Wilderness Part One, 2010, 16×20 Acrylic Paint on Canvas)

“The Wilderness Part One” took one week to complete but “The Wilderness Part Two” took more
time than that. I neglect to say how long it took for me to finish this painting because that does not
matter. The process it took to complete the painting matters more. The background of this painting
is green and it was painted forest green two times over. This was done to cover up the painting from
before. It is also the base color in the abstract world of the forest. The giant leaves on the painting are
there to show a close up version of what the forest basically entails.

(The Wilderness Part Two~first phase, 2011, 16×20 Acrylic Paint on Canvas)

The tiger that has a base color in orange with white and black details is to show the animal nature of
those who roam in the forest as a way of life. This tiger is there to show you his courage and his
dangerous persona. The roses, dandilions and violets are there to show that nature is beautiful as God
has shown unbelievable beauty in things that are created. The falling of the leaves is an ode to the
companion pieces I did before called “The End of Fall Part One” and “The End of Fall Part Two” as they
showcased the fall weather as well as the change in nature. The butterflies and caterpillars are
showcased as it is a constant tribute to my best friend who is a “Soulful Butterfly.” That is a play on
words and on a painting that I did for her.

(The Wilderness Part Two~second phase, 2011, 16×20 Acrylic Paint on Canvas)

This painting is taught me a lesson in what is next in my painting career. This painting is 16×20″ on
CottonDuck Stretched Canvas and I must do bigger paintings now. I think that it is the right time as
it gives me more room to express myself artistically. This journey of me being “The Next Picasso” is
just the beginning as I am more creative than I actually know about. This is just my second year of
painting and I have reached to many lovers of art. Take your time to love the art that is out there from
fellow artistians as they have the most developed as well as intelligent, creative minds out there.

(The Wilderness Part Two~finished and clear version, 2011, 16×20 Acrylic Paint on Canvas)

Also, there is an artist and a blog that you need to check out: http://caloniedoesart.wordpress.com
She is very detailed in her blogs and a fellow lover and practitioner of art. Another artist that needs to
be check out is: http://studiomeco.com/ These women are the present and future of the art industry with
incredible talent and drive to be the best that they can be. Thanks for reading my blog and take care!


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  1. This is a very personable post, Andre, glad I read it! It shows that you are working your way into painting and appreciating the process. The images are vibrant! Thank you for mentioning my blog, too!
    Keep blogging…I wanna read more!

    November 6, 2011 at 7:16 am

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