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Reflecting on Past Artwork that meant something to me

My last blog was about my most recent artwork dealing with acrylic paint; mainly because I only paint in acrylic paint these days. It is a paint of choice because my experiences with oil paint was a bit tragic and hard to clean up. I have had my share of messy hands, messy clothes and messy rags when it came to painting with acrylic as well but not as severe as painting with other mediums.

Today, I want to talk about a painting or two that I have done in the past. The first painting that I want to talk about is one painting I did last year for my best friend that happens to be female. Never live in the notion that a male and a female couldn’t be just friends because that means that you are closed minded but that is just an opinion of an open minded individual ala me! The base color of
this paintings is lavender. This happens to be one of her favorite colors which she let me know. The color red represents the heat of the body as she is a living person and a living spirit.

(Soulful Butterfly, 2010, 11×20 Acrylic Paint on Canvas)

The butterflies in the painting which are four in number has a very deep meaning. She flies through life and through everything that she encounters whether good or bad to still know who she is. Her nickname in this life is “butterfly” which means that she use to be a cocoon before becoming a
very soulful butterfly. This painting, in turn, is called “Soulful Butterfly.”

This painting is painted in a acrylic paint and sprayed with an acrylic sealer with the size of 11×14.” Most of my paintings that I do, showcase a butterfly or two as she has inspired me to be the best visual artist and person that I can be.

(The Protector, 2010, 16×20 Acrylic Paint on Canvas)

The next painting I will talk about is called “The Protector!” This painting was done for my cousin who
acted like a big sister when I grew up. This painting is for her and her two children. As a loving person, she has looked out for me like a little brother even since I lived in New Jersey which was a very long time ago. I use to joke about how she was becoming “mother-like” as I was beginning to be a teenager. Not so long after that statement; a child was in her belly. So, I decided to incorporate her children as themselves and her as an eagle.

I also had the base color for this painting to be lavender as she too loves this color. The kids are presented life-like as the eagle is multi-color abstract coloring brooding with gold, tan, gold and black. The painting is bigger than 11×14″ as it is 16×20″ and it was shipped to New Jersey with a letter telling what the painting was all about. Remember this as I will do that for every painting that I ship out to each future owner! She loved the painting and I also did “The Protector Part Two!”

(The Protector Part Two, 2010, 11×14 Acrylic Paint on Canvas)


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