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Straight Painting: Dragon Face

       In the history of my self-taught artistic life, I have painted one way in particular. That one way that I painted
was the “paint a while, let it dry” method. This method is a method that I never strayed away from because
I might change my mind about a painting mid-stream. It is easy for me to paint something followed by
painting over that painting in the future because I was no longer satisfied with the way it looked. This is
the reason that I always used this one method. It was not until last year that I realized that people did
live shows of their paintings!


       It shocked me a bit because I was thinking how could I do a live show in the future without stopping. At this time, I did not panic but I did keep telling myself to try to sit down, paint and do not stop painting until I was finished. The physical (morally) summer is now in the mist and I did so on today!

       The painting was not all that clear in my mind as soon as I started it because I painted the acrylic paper with baby blue acrylic paint with a oversized painting brush. After that, I used a regular sized brush to
make lines on the bottom like grass (up and down scribbles) in a semi-circluar form in the color of garden green acrylic paint. I did an upside down version of the same pattern and that is when it looked like a mouth to me. The same brush was used to make the eyes and the nose but not an human nose.
Since I outline in one of my favorite colors which happens to be black; I used black acrylic paint for the filling of the eyes. Next, I made tonsils and a tongue with the color red outlined in black. I gave the creature gums with the red acrylic paint as well.

      This is when I noticed that this creature should be a dragon. I always joked to many people be it friends or family that I would love for a dragon to be one of my pets. This sounds crazy but seeing DragonBall Z, Bruce Lee and Double Dragon (video game) will do that to you. A word to the wise: Never deny your kids from day dreaming about slaying or wanting a dragon as a pet.

      Back to the painting details. The holes in for the nostrils, teeth and the eyeballs were colored with white acrylic paint. I detailed the painting in black acrylic paint, dotted the eyes with yellow (canary) acrylic paint, made
fire in the mouth of the dragon with red and yellow acrylic paint. This painting took me almost two hours to complete but it is the first of many that I will do in this way. That is all of the details on how I completed the
painting simply based on memory of what I did.

       I loved painting and I love being creative. These two things are powerful to me in the course of my life whether I used it to entertain myself or others. This gift from God to be as creative as I want to be is what my life always needed and I am going to commit myself to doing as much as I can do in this life. Thank you for reading, thank you for the new followers and know that this journey is not just mine but also yours because your passion is not going to do as you will survive to see your next victory! Peace out!


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  1. Very informative on your process…

    August 21, 2012 at 1:48 am

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