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Well, I have been painting. A few paintings to make the beginning of the year seem better than last year was. Art is a battlefield of dreams and fantasy. It empowers us to do more and become better than the last painting or creative outburst. These latest paintings have been small in scale (9×12″ and 7 1/2x 10″) but big in the feeling it gives out.

This first painting is called “Almost Perfect Kiss” and has the dimensions of 9×12″ displayed on Acrylic paper with Acrylic paint. This is a painting about two lovers who have been through the good and bad of their loving relationship yet they still love each other without any loss of respect. Love is something that every being on the Earth longs for and aspires to have. Love makes us feel alive and we thrive on such a feeling. The funny thing about this painting is that it is a remake of paintings that I have done before with this same concept yet it showcases all of my favorite colors to be grouped together.

Almost Perfect Kiss

Next, the second painting that I did is in the dimensions of 7 1/2×10″ and entitled “For Her!” This is a loving painting of a man giving his lover roses. Roses are one of my favorite flowers to see and showcase in my paintings besides butterflies. Also, red is a passion color and a color of love in general. This is the first watercolor painting that I have done in years so this was special for me to do to see how much better I have become as a visual artist.

For Her

Lastly, this second watercolor painting is in the same dimensions as the one above (7 1/2 x 10″). This painting was inspired by teachers love for students. Teachers are the ambassadors of our next generation of thinkers and creative personalities. The background is a black chalkboard with “Welcome Students” as chalk on that board with the apple with a worm being a happy feeling of “preschool greetings.”

Teacher's Welcome

These are the latest paintings that I have done and I hope that they are enjoyable to all that sees it! Going to continue to blog about my paintings as this year progresses. Thanks again and take care!


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