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6 Art Pieces Made of Cardboard

IMG_20140819_124806 IMG_20140819_124415


I have not written on this art blog in a long time as if I do not make any type of art or talk about it in general. Yet, I do. These past couple of weeks have had its low points (not getting one poetry based grant ($25,000) because of lack of documents that I was not told about until after the deadlines was done and nothing getting a SC based art grant based in poetry ($5,000) in which the latter has rejected me three times). These circumstances has not and will not hinder me from doing artwork or poetry in the future. The art that I have done is self explanatory and was done based on my thoughts as a kid. The art pieces are made with brown cardboard, staples and painted with acrylic paint w/ various paintbrushes (mostly fine tip for details). The art pieces are described as the following: A man’s head with a mustache, sole patch and eyebrows that are red. A butterfly that is big enough to be a monarch butterfly. Miniature female in a bathing suit which comes from the 1950’s feel. Female with bangs and red lipstick on her lips, a snake in a box with grass included. Finally, a rose that is cut but still alive. The feeling I get with these art pieces is that this is just the beginning of what I will do in the future with my creativity and self taught art skills. Just wanted to share my words and describe what I was doing lately art wise. There is a small video you can look at above. Take care and have a great week! 


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