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Instagram and Late Night Artwork

Lately, I have been neglecting my art blog and my Facebook fan page; 55 likes now! I have been doing artwork at night and opening an Instagram account. Yes, it has taken me this long to get an account. It’s http://www.instagram.com/andreedwardlevine and my middle name is rarely said out loud. Well, my artwork had been placed in video or photo form on there. Acrylic on Brown Cardboard or Cardboard cut-outs are the mediums that I have been using. Also, there are enough “selfies” to certify me as an Instagram “model”…ha! My profiles are listed on various social media websites and art based websites so this is just another dimension of what I will be doing. Most of my artwork takes place at night. It seems like a great cure for my insomnia on most nights. Tea fueled, red eyed and focused are traits of my late night explorations. My cut-outs are so that the art buyer can feel what I am painting more than on canvas. My art has moved off canvas for a while but I will make a comeback. My love of art and creating has grown from childhood until now. The streets of Jersey City, New Jersey and the feel of South Carolina are always displayed with an abstract feel. I hope that I touch and influence future artisans in all mediums as well as anyone in my path while seeking my passion to create. Right now, I felt the need to connect with the world to voice my mind behind a few taps composed of words to tell the story of my creativity to anyone of any age. Enjoy your passions and seek your dreams! Thanks for reading and take care!


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