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Life in art

Art has been a common place of emotions and satisfaction over the years for me. I have been rejected by one art group after another. Being denued art grant after art grant every year is quite the nuisance. My passion, my hopes and my dreams gave been tested. My nerves have almost left me to ponder retirement. To many people, I am a friend, a motivator, innovator, voice of passion and a lover of all things that I am passionate about. This road has been nail bitting, crying in a pillow, swallowing hate and facing dreadful facts. I am just like any passionate person who decifers and reassures myself that my passiin motivates me more than my failures. One thing that I notice with creative person is that their audience always ponders the following: “What will (insert name) do next?” It’s as if the countless gours of past works have meant nothing. Imagine if visual artisans were churning out artwork like musicians. One single or album a year or years later. My quest to be creative can be seen in many ways with a “whatever” here and “who cares” there but I keep trying to show my artistic version of what I see to onlookers around me. Those words are the pure emotions of what I feel daily. The quest to be the next Pablo Picasso is a hard quest to do but I wear that blood, sweat and tears like a “badge of honor.”  The following paintings were done in watercolor as opposed to acrylic paint that I normally paint with. The dimensions are both 9×12″ on watercolor paper. They were previously posted on my Instagram account located at http://www.instagram.com/andreedwardlevine and they are listed by name. Thanks for reading and take care!IMG_20150721_193034IMG_20150720_143457


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