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Art and Beyond Early 2015

Limits. Limited. Unlimited. Advanced. Certified. Divine. These are all words that we hear over and over for one reason or another. We are creative and art inspired since birth. Retaining creativity is hard as an adult because of the factors of life lead us to not even think about what we want to create. Some of us are crippled by not knowing where to start when it comes to doing artwork in general. One of the reasons that I know that everyone is creative is because of all of our dreams that happen at night. Your dream state and series of dreams allow you to explore ideals that we do not commonly partake in real life.

A constant dream that happens to me is that I keep thinking that I am flying above ground with another spirit that happens to be female. There are also very violent dreams of me either helping someone get away with murder or being killed off myself by some killer or horror movie inspired aspect. It is brilliant creativity both good and bad that drives us in the direction of our daily lives. We are driven and our desires of our personal dreams may lead to creativity in real life in various forms. My focus as of late has been grant funding from a business prospective yet my focus from a physical prospective has been to be deep into fitness.

Fitness for me has been both good and bad. The bad aspect of fitness is common knowledge as it has mostly to do with muscle soreness. The good aspect of fitness is the progress of being more active as well as losing body fat. Various fitness routines that I have done lately have to do with body weight exercises. Yoga has been done in the past but not being able to do a handstand out of Yogi’s pose got to me. So, I learned different way to do a handstand. One way is by falling down into a push-up and standing on my hands while I also started at a sitting position into a cartwheel lately.

I say all of this because creativity has empowered my life to become better than yesterday and to progress daily. There are so many people that look at visual artisans as if they are musicians. One painting is loved for a moment and the next painting is treated as if it is not better than the last. Musicians paint a picture in vocals on their album and hope that it is loved while everyone loves the album while awaiting the next album. It is the same amount of pressure between both artists. This is the reason for most productive artists to constantly develop and produce new displays of creativity with each piece of artwork.

My artwork
I have done a lot of artwork over the past six months. It may be the best artwork of my whole art career so far. The pictures are posted on my various websites and in video form on my YouTube account. The following are various pieces of the artwork that I have done:

10376918_10204410299086439_5710016059581996914_n IMG_20150113_154723 IMG_20150101_095502 IMG_20150101_095330 IMG_20150101_095204 IMG_20150101_095049 IMG_20150101_094645 1517645_774697989209820_128789343498266226_n

I will try to post on this art blog every few months to keep this up to date with the latest in my art career. I hope all of this that I posted has been a pleasure to read. Thanks and take care of yourself!


6 Art Pieces Made of Cardboard

IMG_20140819_124806 IMG_20140819_124415


I have not written on this art blog in a long time as if I do not make any type of art or talk about it in general. Yet, I do. These past couple of weeks have had its low points (not getting one poetry based grant ($25,000) because of lack of documents that I was not told about until after the deadlines was done and nothing getting a SC based art grant based in poetry ($5,000) in which the latter has rejected me three times). These circumstances has not and will not hinder me from doing artwork or poetry in the future. The art that I have done is self explanatory and was done based on my thoughts as a kid. The art pieces are made with brown cardboard, staples and painted with acrylic paint w/ various paintbrushes (mostly fine tip for details). The art pieces are described as the following: A man’s head with a mustache, sole patch and eyebrows that are red. A butterfly that is big enough to be a monarch butterfly. Miniature female in a bathing suit which comes from the 1950’s feel. Female with bangs and red lipstick on her lips, a snake in a box with grass included. Finally, a rose that is cut but still alive. The feeling I get with these art pieces is that this is just the beginning of what I will do in the future with my creativity and self taught art skills. Just wanted to share my words and describe what I was doing lately art wise. There is a small video you can look at above. Take care and have a great week! 

Well, I have been painting. A few paintings to make the beginning of the year seem better than last year was. Art is a battlefield of dreams and fantasy. It empowers us to do more and become better than the last painting or creative outburst. These latest paintings have been small in scale (9×12″ and 7 1/2x 10″) but big in the feeling it gives out.

This first painting is called “Almost Perfect Kiss” and has the dimensions of 9×12″ displayed on Acrylic paper with Acrylic paint. This is a painting about two lovers who have been through the good and bad of their loving relationship yet they still love each other without any loss of respect. Love is something that every being on the Earth longs for and aspires to have. Love makes us feel alive and we thrive on such a feeling. The funny thing about this painting is that it is a remake of paintings that I have done before with this same concept yet it showcases all of my favorite colors to be grouped together.

Almost Perfect Kiss

Next, the second painting that I did is in the dimensions of 7 1/2×10″ and entitled “For Her!” This is a loving painting of a man giving his lover roses. Roses are one of my favorite flowers to see and showcase in my paintings besides butterflies. Also, red is a passion color and a color of love in general. This is the first watercolor painting that I have done in years so this was special for me to do to see how much better I have become as a visual artist.

For Her

Lastly, this second watercolor painting is in the same dimensions as the one above (7 1/2 x 10″). This painting was inspired by teachers love for students. Teachers are the ambassadors of our next generation of thinkers and creative personalities. The background is a black chalkboard with “Welcome Students” as chalk on that board with the apple with a worm being a happy feeling of “preschool greetings.”

Teacher's Welcome

These are the latest paintings that I have done and I hope that they are enjoyable to all that sees it! Going to continue to blog about my paintings as this year progresses. Thanks again and take care!

Be Creative

The certain effects of life and dreams lead us all to take a step back from what we are doing to focus on what we need to be doing in life. I think that I have taken hiatuses for one thing to the next. Whether it was done in reality or on the Internet, I have hibernated a lot. There are many people that have not seen me in years for one reason or another. My mind works quite different than most people. There are many things going on in my head that I never say anything about. As a child, I grew up with a family that is loving but I tended to be a loner in nature. Going to play with other children was out of the ordinary to me but I did it from time to time. There are little child games I played in Jersey City that was just by myself. My life has never really been centered on myself but the outcomes of my thoughts were made by myself. There are people in this world that get bored by doing things by themselves but not me. I created things for myself to do in order to entertain myself and others when they were around. The storyteller, the kid at heart or the improvisational guy has always been my role in life. Stories that I convey to a particular audience, like yourself, were all apart of my dreams to create what I have never seen or to create what I wanted to see improved. In high school, I took up Drama I for my senior year. I was late to class and I was tired as hell because I never went to bed at the right time which parlayed to me walking to school because of it. By virtue of my childlike imagination, I was the best improv actor in the class. This made my Drama I teacher ask me if I wanted to take up acting after high school. That was never my plan and it still does not interest me at all. Remembering lines and saying things to become a character has not been something I wanted to do a on a regular basis. Doing improv comedy is nothing I want to do either. I was just testing out what I liked and did not like. My creative skills revolved around telling stories via written form or verbal, creating artwork via canvas or just a doodle on a corner piece of line paper and having the ability to speak my dreams verbally as if everything I said seems like a nightmare to any listener. Being creative for me has changed my focus towards business and connections with people that i interact with. There is a way out there for people of creative mindsets to do whatever their dreams are to do. One thing that people never realize about me is that I am a yogi of sorts. I am not the “do splits in mid air or do that headstand now” type of yogi but I like the different types of stretches and Yogi’s pose. Mind over matter seems to do wonders for me when doing yoga. Also, I am never going to do “nude yoga” either unless that means something between me in the future Mrs. Andre Levine but I must remain PG at this time. Either way, being creative in any art form has been my key in life. Being alone with my creativity lead to me sharing all the creative things I do whether big or small. Everything creative is the evolution of evolving as individuals. Being creative does not have to be anything relating to art in general as it can be any little thing you do. Just be original in your approach to undertaking the world and everything around you. Being yourself without the influence of others is being creative itself. Take care, readers!  

Freedom Woman Painting and More

There are many times that I start doing artwork in scribbles as I have done many times as a freehanded
artist. Yesterday was suppose to be no different in regards to painting a picture. There are many things
that I have been doing art wise and creative writing wise. A constant theme for my paintings happen to be
nature and love. There is also a theme of a female and butterflies. Butterflies have appealed to me over the
years as the shining of a new journey of hope and dreams becoming reality.

9x12 Acrylic Paint on Acrylic Paper

9×12 Acrylic Paint on Acrylic Paper

This painting that I start was thought of because of a scribbled butterfly was located on the back of my
acrylic pad that I paint on when I am not painting on a Stretched Canvas (which happens to be 16×20 on
most occasions). I started the painting as a blue butterfly and that morphed into a nude female facing
the world in an abstract like form. This female is not completely where she needs to be as she is finding
her truth. Her truth will only be seen when she exposes her heart to the world. The world in this case is
not the physical world that we know and love. This world is inside of her mind. She has the key to knowing
her truth, showing others her love and seeking what the world has to offer her. We are all seeking our truth.
“Our Truth” by Lacona Coil happens to be one of my favorite songs of all time. Seeking life and truth of your
own life is the plight of humankind.

This will be the start of my artwork going forward. Last year, I slowed down so that I can take different avenues
and ventures. The direction of my artwork will remain being abstract in nature but the business side of this avenue of interest has changed for me. I was going to get an eBay account and sell all of my paintings singularly. Now, I will sell my paintings in prints as there are reoccurring themes in my paintings that tell stories. My art goal will be to sell these prints by the end of the year. There are other things I need to do business wise outside of art but I will focus on my artwork no matter what the outcome is from anything else. Becoming the next Pablo Picasso has been my goal in being creative and I am striving to become that over time. This is a new start that I hope that everyone will be with me on morally and business wise. Going to make a goal of posting more this year also. Thank you for reading and take care!

Art Journey, Life Journey To Art

The sum of things in the past few months have been learning experiences to say the least. Verbally and theoretically, I have pretty much been a man of words and actions. You can say that I have taken a bit of chances that I may not have done in the past. It seems that the person I am is private so it is hard to convey that into the open minded behavior that is in the art world. No matter the situation I have been put in so far in this life; I rise to the occassion. Being the person I am and the way I have handled life is amazing to see (as I have been told.)

Losing a job about 2-3 years ago allowed me free time to do what I felt that I needed to do. Up until the day I lost that job, I was a workaholic that did not know how to stop being that way. It might have been constructive if I was a workaholic that actually did something I love but that was far from the fact. I was always told by my elders; “Something is better than nothing!” To put it mildly and not to scare people that do not know me…..I was a wreck of a person that got no sleep and was on the verge of self destruction. My whole family so that coming. I save a great deal of money so I would be okay. After that, I started doing “odd jobs” and actually make more money that way but that is not what I am getting at.

The time away from the steady job market allowed me to do artwork. I did sketches as a kid and pen drawings in college but nothing concrete at all. In unison with this, I started this art blog, got on Facebook and Twitter. Privately, I am a long conversation person as I will be on the phone for hours with the people that really know me. Now, this is where the story gets a bit weird. My best friend at the time asked me to go to Flordia with him on the spur of the moment. I did and everything that could go wrong went wrong. My money paid for the following: gas, hotel and food. The car shut down 3 miles from the hotel we were suppose to stay at.

I stayed in high spirits and we got a ride to the hotel in Orlando, Florida by the street sweeper. Somehow was we approached the hotel, he says “Why don’t we stay here for a while?” To say that I was shocked is an understatement. We got to the hotel, paid for the room and stayed up all night. We were in Florida because he wanted to try out for American Idol. The next day, he tried out but I was too tired to wait for his turn. This female that I did not know was bothering me with her feet of all things. I love females but this girl was weird. After this, I left the Colosseum and got lost trying to find the hotel. It took me at least 5 circle around the Colosseum area to finally see the hotel.

So, I took a shower and fell into sleep. He was back when I woke up and he was disappointed. We left the hotel and tried to walk to the nearest Greyhound. The map on Google maps said that it was about 5 miles. We proceeded to walk over 5 miles in the wrong direction. The next local bus came by and took us to the nearest bus depot where I met a female that I was going to flirt with but it was no use as I was leaving. If I had a video camera at that time, you would be able to see the lustful stares we gave each other. That friend never was a friend after that trip for various other reasons. I felt as though I needed to go on another trip……so I did. I went to New Jersey to stay about 2 weeks but ended up staying for at least a month! New Jersey is my birthplace and second home. Art filled my brain after being to these places so I went from painting on paper with acrylic paint to acrylic paint on 16×20 canvases. Three months after this, I started using 16×20 Stretched Canvases that are Cotton Duck fabric with a wooden frame on 4 sides.

Showing my artwork with others gave me joy and I get a dislike every so often. I decided on applying to get an Art Fellowship last year and got an rejection letter. I did so again this year and got another rejection letter. This sounds dishearting in a way but it is not. My love of art started as a kid and no rejection letter from anyone will change that fact. The last rejection letter I got was via website and not formal at all. This was a rejection letter from the City of Charleston Cultural Arts for an exhibition at an arts festival. My goal art wise was to get my artwork into galleries.

My art collection are neatly kept in 4 big boxes, sprayed with acrylic sealer and looks the same way when I finished painting it. The way I will sell these paintings are not like most as I just want to sell them with money order and debit card. Credit card is an option but I have to do more research on that. I am open to commission work at any time but keep those payment option in mind. The good thing about what has happened recently is that my friends and family believe in me more than I thought. A starving visual artist I may be but the road to what I need to become will be legendary.

I say that I am the next Picasso and that is not because I think that I am the best visual artist there ever was as I know I have as much passion for art as Pablo Picasso did. I say all of this because I lost friends as I stated in one situation, I have been rejected many times by the art community of paneled judges but I still have passion to create and be creative in everything that I do. You can not enjoy success without going through the struggle to get there. This is not just a story and this is not just words as this is a statement of truth with my own tongue. Keep pursuing your passions in life as I know that I will. Take care all of you and thank you for reading!

The Day 16×20 Painting

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In art, nothing is perfect but we try to make all things that we do as perfect as we can make it. My digital camera can not be found and the charger cord for it needs to be replaced. It is just the difficulty that needs to be dealt with accordingly. This is he painting I have been doing in about 2 days with a combination of 4 hours touching on the painting not including the drying process or the acrylic sealer placed on it with waiting time afterwards. I hope it will be enjoyable to all who love my paintings. I try as much as I can to improve on my art style. Thanks in advance!

Straight Painting: Dragon Face

       In the history of my self-taught artistic life, I have painted one way in particular. That one way that I painted
was the “paint a while, let it dry” method. This method is a method that I never strayed away from because
I might change my mind about a painting mid-stream. It is easy for me to paint something followed by
painting over that painting in the future because I was no longer satisfied with the way it looked. This is
the reason that I always used this one method. It was not until last year that I realized that people did
live shows of their paintings!


       It shocked me a bit because I was thinking how could I do a live show in the future without stopping. At this time, I did not panic but I did keep telling myself to try to sit down, paint and do not stop painting until I was finished. The physical (morally) summer is now in the mist and I did so on today!

       The painting was not all that clear in my mind as soon as I started it because I painted the acrylic paper with baby blue acrylic paint with a oversized painting brush. After that, I used a regular sized brush to
make lines on the bottom like grass (up and down scribbles) in a semi-circluar form in the color of garden green acrylic paint. I did an upside down version of the same pattern and that is when it looked like a mouth to me. The same brush was used to make the eyes and the nose but not an human nose.
Since I outline in one of my favorite colors which happens to be black; I used black acrylic paint for the filling of the eyes. Next, I made tonsils and a tongue with the color red outlined in black. I gave the creature gums with the red acrylic paint as well.

      This is when I noticed that this creature should be a dragon. I always joked to many people be it friends or family that I would love for a dragon to be one of my pets. This sounds crazy but seeing DragonBall Z, Bruce Lee and Double Dragon (video game) will do that to you. A word to the wise: Never deny your kids from day dreaming about slaying or wanting a dragon as a pet.

      Back to the painting details. The holes in for the nostrils, teeth and the eyeballs were colored with white acrylic paint. I detailed the painting in black acrylic paint, dotted the eyes with yellow (canary) acrylic paint, made
fire in the mouth of the dragon with red and yellow acrylic paint. This painting took me almost two hours to complete but it is the first of many that I will do in this way. That is all of the details on how I completed the
painting simply based on memory of what I did.

       I loved painting and I love being creative. These two things are powerful to me in the course of my life whether I used it to entertain myself or others. This gift from God to be as creative as I want to be is what my life always needed and I am going to commit myself to doing as much as I can do in this life. Thank you for reading, thank you for the new followers and know that this journey is not just mine but also yours because your passion is not going to do as you will survive to see your next victory! Peace out!

2 Small paintings in my Lineless Notepad

My Love of Art Started in the 1980s

Art, art, art. The first and main expression of my life has been through art in one form or another. I have had my love of art happen through my love of pro wrestling. I was a kid that looked at pro wrestling and loved Hulk Hogan like any other kid in the 1980s. I wanted the toys, bookbags and T-shirts but also wanted more. I wanted to see pro wrestling on a daily and/or hourly basis. This could not happen because I happen to only watch pro wrestle ala WWE but the way of looking at the programming on my television owned by Me Madre (my mother in Spanish aka Espanol) and across the street on Monticello Avenue in Jersey City, New Jersey at my aunt’s house. I watched every pay-per-view at my aunt’s house but there was one occassion that I watched the pro wrestling event at my uncle’s house. One day, I picked up pencils, paper and a pair of scissors. With these items, I made a paper television and moving people for each channel that was turned. The next thing I made was a paper pro wrestling ring with Hulk Hogan and a random bunch of characters that I can not remember the names of. This is funny since I remember a lot of pro wrestling terms and people to this very day. My family was impressed about the way I did my artwork as a child and the fact that I colored inside of the lines. My love of pro wrestling sparked my love of art and all that it entails. Since that time, I taught myself to paint on various mediums, make figures of clay and have a great love for the legacy that Pablo Picasso bestowed unto this world with his artwork. At first glance, I did not like Pablo Picasso but that is when I was a teenager that thought that comic books were the only art that existed. It took me one day in a public library to change my mind on his artwork. I spent at least 2 hours that day finding everything that I could find about him and his works. About one year ago, I came across a book entitled “Picasso at 90.” It is an oversized art book on all of his artworks at 90 and it still inspires me to this very day. Inspiration has led into motivation. I have made my past two years solely about making my artwork mean something and finding out the style I want the world to see. In my career, I have done at least 33 paintings in the 16×20″ board frame and about 14 small scale paintings. I have more small scale paintings to do on this year as a project that I believe that can be published as an artbook. This summer has keep me pretty busy but artless based on my gardening schedule, shopping (food and art supplies) as well as relaxing from making art a bit. Now, I am going to start doing artwork until this year ends so watch for all that I do. I know I have a full plate with 2 to 3 other careers but art will and shall be the place my heart is at. I will try to blog more often as I do more art and I hope that all of you have a very blessed day 🙂