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#Art #Business, #Modeling and More Explained by me!

Art has been with me for a long time. I have used art to vent out my frustrations in life. Throughout the years, I have been rejected from my state’s arts commission from doing any project in regards to art business. There are a series of different things that I can do in order to showcase my artwork. My belief is that I am not getting accepted based on not having a college degree or a proven art based business. This seems faulty at best but that is the only conclusion that I can fathom my situation towards.

My 2016 has been filled with issues, dilemmas and situations that I never thought about handling until it was in my face. Throughout the summer season, I gained a good bit of weight that I have not done since I was a kid. It took me looking at a beach photo taken of myself to realize the issue of my weight getting out of hand. I started to figure out a better exercise plan and managed to lose the excess weight. I was determine to have my body in better shape. This decision led itself to me wanting to get into modeling.

I have been told that I should have started modeling out of high school but it was not on my mind at all. I just thought about modeling being for people who are super skinny or super muscular and I never wanted to be that person. I was a bit of a slacker and a loner in many regards. This is typically seen in the gothic, stoner or grunge culture (which I am still apart of). Yes, I am the straightedge punk guy that never tried to fit in but managed to not be anti-social somehow. I think that can be explained due to my love of pro wrestling and The Rock’s promo skills of the early 2000s!

So, I decided to do some test photos of me modeling for social media. I took a few selfies of myself on today for that same reason. My goal in regards to modeling is to model clothes for print via magazines, newspaper and the like. I believe that being creative and inspiring others have morph into me wanting to do other things outside of art itself. Now, I received an e-mail detailing that I need to apply to the South Carolina Arts Commission’s grant that would me to bring an art based business to this state. I plan on doing so because my passion to be in business as well as art is too strong to pass up any opportunity. This is one step that I will take that will lead to other steps in my career. I am growing into being more of an business person daily. Thank you for reading this, I am on Instagram at http://www.instagram.com/andreedwardlevine, my Facebook page is http://www.facebook.com/andreedwardlevine and my Twitter is http://www.twitter.com/andrelevine! Enjoy your day and everyday! God bless and take care! Below are two of the recent selfies but more are at my social media pages:




My #Art Collection is Available Now plus words to all! (please share) #SupportArt


Dear Strangers, Friends and Family,
My name is Andre Levine and I am from South Carolina. My artwork is done in acrylic paint and I have been actively producing art since 2009. I have been approached by many people over the years about my artwork being available for purchase. About one month ago, I was emailed formally by a fashion company out of California called “VIDA” in regards to getting into the fashion industry because they were impressed with my artwork. My mindset on producing artwork over the years was never about making money as it was about showing the world what I can do and produce art wise.
I have never claimed to be the best visual artist in the world. The one thing that I have to can be seen in everything that I do is: passion. Passion for life, passion for love, passion for the pursuit of my dreams and the passion to be creative. Every piece of artwork that I produce has a story behind them. Also, I have been self promoting my artwork since 2009 via social media and through my art blog on WordPress located
at: http://www.andrelevine.wordpress.com. Artwork and producing quality artwork has been my goal for everyone
to see and witness.
VIDA is a fashion company that unites artists, producers of designs and creators of fashion to showcase their passion on everyday. Art is becoming more attainable and a profitable business venture for creative people of all levels. My artwork is displayed on numerous products located at:
http://shopvida.com/collections/andre-levine. My goal is to grow my resume of art, fashion and showcase my passion with everything that I produce with this company. My creativity is limitless as I am always looking to showcase my art, my style and my passion daily. The number of items will increase over time with my artwork being displayed for purchase.
Please take a look at my collection and tell me what you think. You can buy items right now or buy them later. Also, I am asking everyone to share this link no matter if you purchase anything or not. Pass this message on to your friends, family and strangers to help me make my collection reach to a bigger audience.I will try my best to get my name, my collection and my dream of being a fashion designer to the next level. Thank you for reading my story and my progress. Finally, enjoy your day and everyday! Take care everyone!

Thanking you in advance,
Mr. Andre Edward Levine
Also, the following photos are of the designs that readily available for purchase! Click the photo of the item you would like to buy and it will send you directly to the page! Thank you very much for reading and enjoy your day!



Modal Scarf
40.00 USD



Modal Scarf
40.00 USD


Sleeveless Top
75.00 USD


Modal Scarf
40.00 USD


Modal Scarf
40.00 USD

My art on various items for sale NOW!

http://www.zazzle.com/mbr/238829257143530930 is the direct link to all of the items that I am selling now! The following artworks are what is being sold on various products. If anyone wants these designs or anything I did in the past on other items, message me here or at levineandre@ymail.com. I will do more over time and these items will be available for the foreseeable future! Thanks for looking and remember to #SupportArt and #SupportLocalArt always! God bless and take care!

The Protector, 2010, 16x20 Acrylic Paint on Canvas


P.S. I will be doing new painted artwork very soon!

Life, Art, Life, Art, Repeat

The passion that I have for life in general is something that can not be touched. My words via poetry or small stories are to excite the casual viewer (reader) into my world of creativity. Creativity is not about hate or misgivings in this world. Everyone can be as creative as they want to be and grow in the world with a new lease on life. I have not created artwork in about 6 months and I plan to produce new artwork (as well as other things) very soon. Taking a hiatus of 6 months or more could hinder a lot of people but not me. I have a new passion on what I want to showcase and produce creativity wise. There was a time years ago that I retired/took an hiatus from doing artwork for 5 years. That sounds absurd to a lot of people but it is not as absurd as you would think.

My process of doing any type of artwork has changed from sketching, doodling and coloring into figuring out what I want to do followed by painting on a blank canvas. There have been various mistakes that have occurred while I was painting due to lack of preparation or fast tracking what I am doing to produce quick artwork. This was a trend for a while until last year when I secretly did artwork without telling anyone what I was doing. Last year my most creative and unique year of doing artwork. The uniqueness about the artwork was that I did artwork that was for myself. It was not influenced by anyone or anything. Getting to that stage of my art career is something that I am proud of because I allowed myself to not be like anyone else.
Now, I have been through the most emotional 6 months of my life. From being carefree about a lot of things to planning out my future business and personal wise. Before my mother passed away, I was planning to sell my artwork personally. I was just in the planning stages of what I wanted to do art wise. Being continuously rejected by my state’s art commission to get a grant of any kind made me think over what I was doing wrong. I figured out that I was not a corporation or a company that did artwork that appeals to the ordinary person that knows nothing about art or the art process. As I was getting ready, tragic struck and I placed my ideas on what I was to do to advance my art career on the back burner.
Artwork and the visual artist that does the artwork are united. The selling of my artwork is something that was going to happen no matter what. My plans to sell my artwork online has not changed. There are one or two ways I will sell my artwork: through http://www.etsy.com or by getting an online store on one of my personal websites. I can confirm that I will sell my old paintings that are 16×20″ acrylic on Cotton Duck canvas by mid-September. Let any and everyone know about this if you believe in my artwork or purchase the artwork when my online store is linked to my art blog and my Twitter profile at: http://www.twitter.com/andrelevine.
My new artwork may not be posted anytime soon. This is because I want to do what I want to do and showcase the results at a later time. I have also been thinking about doing more recorded videos about other things than my artwork. That is a work in progress. Also, my ideas about doing an inspirational app that everyone can use may take years to be available but I have started doing content for that app. Cheers for that as it takes a lot of brain power to plan and figure this out before it is readily available to everyone. I want to thank anyone that has morally supported me at any time in my life no matter what choices that I made. More things will come to me and you are the foundation to what will be my glorious future! Thanks again until next time! God bless!

Spring 2015 Artwork Update and other things

This where I am suppose to write about what artwork that I have done off and on over the course of time. I have been very busy doing artwork or writing about something. Being creative is time consuming and it causes me to lose the track of time when I am doing the artwork that I have done. Focus has never been a problem of mine as it one of my strengths. Creativity comes to me more than I could ever do any artwork or write anything that could engage you into knowing and understanding that I have an complex mind. Lately, I have felt the need to do artwork that I have not seen done before or artwork that causes me to just be as creative as a child would. We are born with the tools to do artwork but lose it over time due to life or criticism. My artwork is not for everyone in the word. The way that I see art in my mind is a bit different than the art that I show in a public format. Public format meaning on the Internet where the viewers are not art critics or people that really know what you are showcasing without explaining the concept behind the artwork. Most of my artwork can be seen and explained in the right manner. There were a few times that my artwork border on adult themes. This happens as creativity in a creative mind tends to spend into other avenues of thought.


IMG_20150422_010104 IMG_20150422_010028 IMG_20150422_010013 IMG_20150412_131527 IMG_20150412_131503 IMG_20150412_131438 IMG_20150412_131417 IMG_20150412_131353 IMG_20150412_131320 IMG_20150412_131238

My art case has my red thumb print stamp of approval now! Ha…I had it since college and it is old so that thumb print is an improvement for sure. The artwork on two canvases placed together is a cloudy blue sky with words that should empower everyone that dreams of doing more things in their life. “Dream For More” needs to be an unofficial motto of everyone in the world because we are all aspiring for more in life and we are creative in many ways that have not been tapped upon. The artwork is called “Dreams in the Sky” and this painting was a late night painting that was done with 4 colors of acrylic paint: Navy Blue, Sky Blue, Antique White and White. Navy blue was the base paint for the sky, sky blue was for the wind, antique white was for the clouds and white was for the texture of those cloud. Black paint was used just to issue the state that will empower you.

“The Thinking Skull” is another art piece in the line of art pieces that I have done with cardboard lately. There was a bevy of cardboard, 3-D art pieces that I did last year and this was added to that collection. It has a removable brain and removable roses in different colors. The brain’s color was a mix of blood red acrylic paint and white acrylic paint. This art piece took a bit of hours to do over the course of 3 days. The way that this is structured with the head an neck have cause this piece to be my biggest cardboard, 3-D art piece so far. This art piece is actually inspired by the “Day of the Dead” skulls that I have seen in the past.

I was thinking about retiring from doing artwork on canvas but I have changed my mind. As an visual artist, I must work with every medium at all times. Retiring from creating in on particular way is no way to express myself. It was a thought and I will leave it as a thought. I hope that you have enjoyed this process that I have explained and I will try to talk about my artwork more in the future. Take care and God bless all of you!

Art and Beyond Early 2015

Limits. Limited. Unlimited. Advanced. Certified. Divine. These are all words that we hear over and over for one reason or another. We are creative and art inspired since birth. Retaining creativity is hard as an adult because of the factors of life lead us to not even think about what we want to create. Some of us are crippled by not knowing where to start when it comes to doing artwork in general. One of the reasons that I know that everyone is creative is because of all of our dreams that happen at night. Your dream state and series of dreams allow you to explore ideals that we do not commonly partake in real life.

A constant dream that happens to me is that I keep thinking that I am flying above ground with another spirit that happens to be female. There are also very violent dreams of me either helping someone get away with murder or being killed off myself by some killer or horror movie inspired aspect. It is brilliant creativity both good and bad that drives us in the direction of our daily lives. We are driven and our desires of our personal dreams may lead to creativity in real life in various forms. My focus as of late has been grant funding from a business prospective yet my focus from a physical prospective has been to be deep into fitness.

Fitness for me has been both good and bad. The bad aspect of fitness is common knowledge as it has mostly to do with muscle soreness. The good aspect of fitness is the progress of being more active as well as losing body fat. Various fitness routines that I have done lately have to do with body weight exercises. Yoga has been done in the past but not being able to do a handstand out of Yogi’s pose got to me. So, I learned different way to do a handstand. One way is by falling down into a push-up and standing on my hands while I also started at a sitting position into a cartwheel lately.

I say all of this because creativity has empowered my life to become better than yesterday and to progress daily. There are so many people that look at visual artisans as if they are musicians. One painting is loved for a moment and the next painting is treated as if it is not better than the last. Musicians paint a picture in vocals on their album and hope that it is loved while everyone loves the album while awaiting the next album. It is the same amount of pressure between both artists. This is the reason for most productive artists to constantly develop and produce new displays of creativity with each piece of artwork.

My artwork
I have done a lot of artwork over the past six months. It may be the best artwork of my whole art career so far. The pictures are posted on my various websites and in video form on my YouTube account. The following are various pieces of the artwork that I have done:

10376918_10204410299086439_5710016059581996914_n IMG_20150113_154723 IMG_20150101_095502 IMG_20150101_095330 IMG_20150101_095204 IMG_20150101_095049 IMG_20150101_094645 1517645_774697989209820_128789343498266226_n

I will try to post on this art blog every few months to keep this up to date with the latest in my art career. I hope all of this that I posted has been a pleasure to read. Thanks and take care of yourself!

The Day 16×20 Painting

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In art, nothing is perfect but we try to make all things that we do as perfect as we can make it. My digital camera can not be found and the charger cord for it needs to be replaced. It is just the difficulty that needs to be dealt with accordingly. This is he painting I have been doing in about 2 days with a combination of 4 hours touching on the painting not including the drying process or the acrylic sealer placed on it with waiting time afterwards. I hope it will be enjoyable to all who love my paintings. I try as much as I can to improve on my art style. Thanks in advance!

The Wilderness Part Two (painting process)

This painting was a process as it took longer than I have taken on most of my paintings. In my
own head, this painting was to be done sometime next year but those plans changed when I was
looking through my paintings and saw a painting that I never really liked that I did. In the past, I
have painted over a couple of paintings with success but the skills that I have taught myself
through such a process has made me approach the re-painting or paint over process a bit

The painting that I painted was pretty much an abstract abstract. Thank God that is not a double
negative but in my eyes; it was a double negative. It was plain to see on my painting called “Birds
Unite” that it was spirits of birds uniting and that was not really anything I planned to do. It was a
time when I was painting at least 3 paintings a week and just did the painting without planning
anything out.

(Birds Unite, 2010, 16×20 Acrylic Paint on Canvas)

This painting is the companion piece for “The Wilderness Part One.” Art is done and it comes
from the heart. “The Wilderness Part One” was the first painting that I planned out on how I
would paint certain paintings. I was unsure that it would work as I paint at the drop of a dime at
times. The details of the painting took time to do as I mostly use the color black do do that
effect on my past paintings. I have reached responses about this painting many times and it
has been one of my most cherished paintings.

(The Wilderness Part One, 2010, 16×20 Acrylic Paint on Canvas)

“The Wilderness Part One” took one week to complete but “The Wilderness Part Two” took more
time than that. I neglect to say how long it took for me to finish this painting because that does not
matter. The process it took to complete the painting matters more. The background of this painting
is green and it was painted forest green two times over. This was done to cover up the painting from
before. It is also the base color in the abstract world of the forest. The giant leaves on the painting are
there to show a close up version of what the forest basically entails.

(The Wilderness Part Two~first phase, 2011, 16×20 Acrylic Paint on Canvas)

The tiger that has a base color in orange with white and black details is to show the animal nature of
those who roam in the forest as a way of life. This tiger is there to show you his courage and his
dangerous persona. The roses, dandilions and violets are there to show that nature is beautiful as God
has shown unbelievable beauty in things that are created. The falling of the leaves is an ode to the
companion pieces I did before called “The End of Fall Part One” and “The End of Fall Part Two” as they
showcased the fall weather as well as the change in nature. The butterflies and caterpillars are
showcased as it is a constant tribute to my best friend who is a “Soulful Butterfly.” That is a play on
words and on a painting that I did for her.

(The Wilderness Part Two~second phase, 2011, 16×20 Acrylic Paint on Canvas)

This painting is taught me a lesson in what is next in my painting career. This painting is 16×20″ on
CottonDuck Stretched Canvas and I must do bigger paintings now. I think that it is the right time as
it gives me more room to express myself artistically. This journey of me being “The Next Picasso” is
just the beginning as I am more creative than I actually know about. This is just my second year of
painting and I have reached to many lovers of art. Take your time to love the art that is out there from
fellow artistians as they have the most developed as well as intelligent, creative minds out there.

(The Wilderness Part Two~finished and clear version, 2011, 16×20 Acrylic Paint on Canvas)

Also, there is an artist and a blog that you need to check out: http://caloniedoesart.wordpress.com
She is very detailed in her blogs and a fellow lover and practitioner of art. Another artist that needs to
be check out is: http://studiomeco.com/ These women are the present and future of the art industry with
incredible talent and drive to be the best that they can be. Thanks for reading my blog and take care!