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Spring 2015 Artwork Update and other things

This where I am suppose to write about what artwork that I have done off and on over the course of time. I have been very busy doing artwork or writing about something. Being creative is time consuming and it causes me to lose the track of time when I am doing the artwork that I have done. Focus has never been a problem of mine as it one of my strengths. Creativity comes to me more than I could ever do any artwork or write anything that could engage you into knowing and understanding that I have an complex mind. Lately, I have felt the need to do artwork that I have not seen done before or artwork that causes me to just be as creative as a child would. We are born with the tools to do artwork but lose it over time due to life or criticism. My artwork is not for everyone in the word. The way that I see art in my mind is a bit different than the art that I show in a public format. Public format meaning on the Internet where the viewers are not art critics or people that really know what you are showcasing without explaining the concept behind the artwork. Most of my artwork can be seen and explained in the right manner. There were a few times that my artwork border on adult themes. This happens as creativity in a creative mind tends to spend into other avenues of thought.


IMG_20150422_010104 IMG_20150422_010028 IMG_20150422_010013 IMG_20150412_131527 IMG_20150412_131503 IMG_20150412_131438 IMG_20150412_131417 IMG_20150412_131353 IMG_20150412_131320 IMG_20150412_131238

My art case has my red thumb print stamp of approval now! Ha…I had it since college and it is old so that thumb print is an improvement for sure. The artwork on two canvases placed together is a cloudy blue sky with words that should empower everyone that dreams of doing more things in their life. “Dream For More” needs to be an unofficial motto of everyone in the world because we are all aspiring for more in life and we are creative in many ways that have not been tapped upon. The artwork is called “Dreams in the Sky” and this painting was a late night painting that was done with 4 colors of acrylic paint: Navy Blue, Sky Blue, Antique White and White. Navy blue was the base paint for the sky, sky blue was for the wind, antique white was for the clouds and white was for the texture of those cloud. Black paint was used just to issue the state that will empower you.

“The Thinking Skull” is another art piece in the line of art pieces that I have done with cardboard lately. There was a bevy of cardboard, 3-D art pieces that I did last year and this was added to that collection. It has a removable brain and removable roses in different colors. The brain’s color was a mix of blood red acrylic paint and white acrylic paint. This art piece took a bit of hours to do over the course of 3 days. The way that this is structured with the head an neck have cause this piece to be my biggest cardboard, 3-D art piece so far. This art piece is actually inspired by the “Day of the Dead” skulls that I have seen in the past.

I was thinking about retiring from doing artwork on canvas but I have changed my mind. As an visual artist, I must work with every medium at all times. Retiring from creating in on particular way is no way to express myself. It was a thought and I will leave it as a thought. I hope that you have enjoyed this process that I have explained and I will try to talk about my artwork more in the future. Take care and God bless all of you!


The Day 16×20 Painting

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In art, nothing is perfect but we try to make all things that we do as perfect as we can make it. My digital camera can not be found and the charger cord for it needs to be replaced. It is just the difficulty that needs to be dealt with accordingly. This is he painting I have been doing in about 2 days with a combination of 4 hours touching on the painting not including the drying process or the acrylic sealer placed on it with waiting time afterwards. I hope it will be enjoyable to all who love my paintings. I try as much as I can to improve on my art style. Thanks in advance!

The latest and maybe….GREATEST!

The Tree (Close up)Nature of AfricaCosmic Heartbreak
I did these three paintings this week! I will do three more next week. If you like it, let me know…I will hopefully sell some of the 16 paintings this month or next month because this is just the start of my artistic career! Thanks in advance!