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#Art #Business, #Modeling and More Explained by me!

Art has been with me for a long time. I have used art to vent out my frustrations in life. Throughout the years, I have been rejected from my state’s arts commission from doing any project in regards to art business. There are a series of different things that I can do in order to showcase my artwork. My belief is that I am not getting accepted based on not having a college degree or a proven art based business. This seems faulty at best but that is the only conclusion that I can fathom my situation towards.

My 2016 has been filled with issues, dilemmas and situations that I never thought about handling until it was in my face. Throughout the summer season, I gained a good bit of weight that I have not done since I was a kid. It took me looking at a beach photo taken of myself to realize the issue of my weight getting out of hand. I started to figure out a better exercise plan and managed to lose the excess weight. I was determine to have my body in better shape. This decision led itself to me wanting to get into modeling.

I have been told that I should have started modeling out of high school but it was not on my mind at all. I just thought about modeling being for people who are super skinny or super muscular and I never wanted to be that person. I was a bit of a slacker and a loner in many regards. This is typically seen in the gothic, stoner or grunge culture (which I am still apart of). Yes, I am the straightedge punk guy that never tried to fit in but managed to not be anti-social somehow. I think that can be explained due to my love of pro wrestling and The Rock’s promo skills of the early 2000s!

So, I decided to do some test photos of me modeling for social media. I took a few selfies of myself on today for that same reason. My goal in regards to modeling is to model clothes for print via magazines, newspaper and the like. I believe that being creative and inspiring others have morph into me wanting to do other things outside of art itself. Now, I received an e-mail detailing that I need to apply to the South Carolina Arts Commission’s grant that would me to bring an art based business to this state. I plan on doing so because my passion to be in business as well as art is too strong to pass up any opportunity. This is one step that I will take that will lead to other steps in my career. I am growing into being more of an business person daily. Thank you for reading this, I am on Instagram at http://www.instagram.com/andreedwardlevine, my Facebook page is http://www.facebook.com/andreedwardlevine and my Twitter is http://www.twitter.com/andrelevine! Enjoy your day and everyday! God bless and take care! Below are two of the recent selfies but more are at my social media pages:




Spring 2015 Artwork Update and other things

This where I am suppose to write about what artwork that I have done off and on over the course of time. I have been very busy doing artwork or writing about something. Being creative is time consuming and it causes me to lose the track of time when I am doing the artwork that I have done. Focus has never been a problem of mine as it one of my strengths. Creativity comes to me more than I could ever do any artwork or write anything that could engage you into knowing and understanding that I have an complex mind. Lately, I have felt the need to do artwork that I have not seen done before or artwork that causes me to just be as creative as a child would. We are born with the tools to do artwork but lose it over time due to life or criticism. My artwork is not for everyone in the word. The way that I see art in my mind is a bit different than the art that I show in a public format. Public format meaning on the Internet where the viewers are not art critics or people that really know what you are showcasing without explaining the concept behind the artwork. Most of my artwork can be seen and explained in the right manner. There were a few times that my artwork border on adult themes. This happens as creativity in a creative mind tends to spend into other avenues of thought.


IMG_20150422_010104 IMG_20150422_010028 IMG_20150422_010013 IMG_20150412_131527 IMG_20150412_131503 IMG_20150412_131438 IMG_20150412_131417 IMG_20150412_131353 IMG_20150412_131320 IMG_20150412_131238

My art case has my red thumb print stamp of approval now! Ha…I had it since college and it is old so that thumb print is an improvement for sure. The artwork on two canvases placed together is a cloudy blue sky with words that should empower everyone that dreams of doing more things in their life. “Dream For More” needs to be an unofficial motto of everyone in the world because we are all aspiring for more in life and we are creative in many ways that have not been tapped upon. The artwork is called “Dreams in the Sky” and this painting was a late night painting that was done with 4 colors of acrylic paint: Navy Blue, Sky Blue, Antique White and White. Navy blue was the base paint for the sky, sky blue was for the wind, antique white was for the clouds and white was for the texture of those cloud. Black paint was used just to issue the state that will empower you.

“The Thinking Skull” is another art piece in the line of art pieces that I have done with cardboard lately. There was a bevy of cardboard, 3-D art pieces that I did last year and this was added to that collection. It has a removable brain and removable roses in different colors. The brain’s color was a mix of blood red acrylic paint and white acrylic paint. This art piece took a bit of hours to do over the course of 3 days. The way that this is structured with the head an neck have cause this piece to be my biggest cardboard, 3-D art piece so far. This art piece is actually inspired by the “Day of the Dead” skulls that I have seen in the past.

I was thinking about retiring from doing artwork on canvas but I have changed my mind. As an visual artist, I must work with every medium at all times. Retiring from creating in on particular way is no way to express myself. It was a thought and I will leave it as a thought. I hope that you have enjoyed this process that I have explained and I will try to talk about my artwork more in the future. Take care and God bless all of you!

Art Journey, Life Journey To Art

The sum of things in the past few months have been learning experiences to say the least. Verbally and theoretically, I have pretty much been a man of words and actions. You can say that I have taken a bit of chances that I may not have done in the past. It seems that the person I am is private so it is hard to convey that into the open minded behavior that is in the art world. No matter the situation I have been put in so far in this life; I rise to the occassion. Being the person I am and the way I have handled life is amazing to see (as I have been told.)

Losing a job about 2-3 years ago allowed me free time to do what I felt that I needed to do. Up until the day I lost that job, I was a workaholic that did not know how to stop being that way. It might have been constructive if I was a workaholic that actually did something I love but that was far from the fact. I was always told by my elders; “Something is better than nothing!” To put it mildly and not to scare people that do not know me…..I was a wreck of a person that got no sleep and was on the verge of self destruction. My whole family so that coming. I save a great deal of money so I would be okay. After that, I started doing “odd jobs” and actually make more money that way but that is not what I am getting at.

The time away from the steady job market allowed me to do artwork. I did sketches as a kid and pen drawings in college but nothing concrete at all. In unison with this, I started this art blog, got on Facebook and Twitter. Privately, I am a long conversation person as I will be on the phone for hours with the people that really know me. Now, this is where the story gets a bit weird. My best friend at the time asked me to go to Flordia with him on the spur of the moment. I did and everything that could go wrong went wrong. My money paid for the following: gas, hotel and food. The car shut down 3 miles from the hotel we were suppose to stay at.

I stayed in high spirits and we got a ride to the hotel in Orlando, Florida by the street sweeper. Somehow was we approached the hotel, he says “Why don’t we stay here for a while?” To say that I was shocked is an understatement. We got to the hotel, paid for the room and stayed up all night. We were in Florida because he wanted to try out for American Idol. The next day, he tried out but I was too tired to wait for his turn. This female that I did not know was bothering me with her feet of all things. I love females but this girl was weird. After this, I left the Colosseum and got lost trying to find the hotel. It took me at least 5 circle around the Colosseum area to finally see the hotel.

So, I took a shower and fell into sleep. He was back when I woke up and he was disappointed. We left the hotel and tried to walk to the nearest Greyhound. The map on Google maps said that it was about 5 miles. We proceeded to walk over 5 miles in the wrong direction. The next local bus came by and took us to the nearest bus depot where I met a female that I was going to flirt with but it was no use as I was leaving. If I had a video camera at that time, you would be able to see the lustful stares we gave each other. That friend never was a friend after that trip for various other reasons. I felt as though I needed to go on another trip……so I did. I went to New Jersey to stay about 2 weeks but ended up staying for at least a month! New Jersey is my birthplace and second home. Art filled my brain after being to these places so I went from painting on paper with acrylic paint to acrylic paint on 16×20 canvases. Three months after this, I started using 16×20 Stretched Canvases that are Cotton Duck fabric with a wooden frame on 4 sides.

Showing my artwork with others gave me joy and I get a dislike every so often. I decided on applying to get an Art Fellowship last year and got an rejection letter. I did so again this year and got another rejection letter. This sounds dishearting in a way but it is not. My love of art started as a kid and no rejection letter from anyone will change that fact. The last rejection letter I got was via website and not formal at all. This was a rejection letter from the City of Charleston Cultural Arts for an exhibition at an arts festival. My goal art wise was to get my artwork into galleries.

My art collection are neatly kept in 4 big boxes, sprayed with acrylic sealer and looks the same way when I finished painting it. The way I will sell these paintings are not like most as I just want to sell them with money order and debit card. Credit card is an option but I have to do more research on that. I am open to commission work at any time but keep those payment option in mind. The good thing about what has happened recently is that my friends and family believe in me more than I thought. A starving visual artist I may be but the road to what I need to become will be legendary.

I say that I am the next Picasso and that is not because I think that I am the best visual artist there ever was as I know I have as much passion for art as Pablo Picasso did. I say all of this because I lost friends as I stated in one situation, I have been rejected many times by the art community of paneled judges but I still have passion to create and be creative in everything that I do. You can not enjoy success without going through the struggle to get there. This is not just a story and this is not just words as this is a statement of truth with my own tongue. Keep pursuing your passions in life as I know that I will. Take care all of you and thank you for reading!